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Hello. We’re Jupiter 3D
and we are specialized in
providing 3D immersive scans
and related architecture services.

We operate in America with extensive experience in the creation of public and private works.

Always looking for exclusive materials and construction techniques to create the best solution for our customers.

Implementing the latest technology in professional modeling and visualization in architecture.

We are specialized in utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) to reduce time and cost.

Architecture is the reaching out for the truth.


We can start from zero, but we can start from your blueprint too. Discover the advantages of a well built 3D model, where we will plan all the necessary for your requirement.
The fundamental difference is in avoiding all that paper, all the unreadable blueprint and every drawing error that will bring you in an endless cycle of construction issue and unwanted expense.


From the architect’s desk to onsite coordination, take your design with you wherever you go! Learn how BIMx can support your everyday BIM communication workflow.

Building Information Models contain an enormous amount of information.
Choose from a variety of information sets to be published with your Hyper-model, packed into every Building Element and Zone Tag.

3D Render

Your house can be represented as it will be created, the impact it will have on the surrounding environment, the aesthetic result deriving from the choice of a material rather than another, seeing into the future evolution of the concept Design. This high degree of realism is achieved thanks to the endless possibilities of studying global illumination and reflected of objects, to create depth, shadows, and effects of absolute reality

Virtual Reality

Imagine that, although the project has not yet gone beyond the blueprints, you have the ability to walk around in your future home. Experience the dimensions and perspective of the building and perceive the lighting. Change the lighting solutions, the materials of the building facade and interior design elements – materials, furniture, accessories and more. And all this in real-time, in a realistic environment and without leaving your home.

An overview of our work.

Apartment Interior Design – Suisse

November 13, 2020

230 Atlantic Ave – 2nd Demolition

September 16, 2020

230 Atlantic Ave – 1st Demolition

September 16, 2020

230 Atlantic Ave – Palm Beach

September 16, 2020

300 County Road – Jupiter Island

September 16, 2020

Hòn Thơm Island Dolphinarium – Vietnam

August 20, 2020

Penthouse and Apartment Building

August 15, 2020

Labozeta Office – Rome

August 15, 2020

Coastline Chalet – Norway

August 15, 2020

Chateau Arnave – France

July 30, 2020

Long story short?




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Rendering Analysis


Interior Design



From the basic to imaginary.

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